All about Boomerang Football School

Amazing fun! A place to learn to play football in English!
From the age of 2, in a fun and sporty environment, your child can have football training and learn English at the same time. Our sessions are multilingual. While the primary language is English, we also speak Hungarian, Russian and German. Of course, there are separate sessions for each age group.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide a professional and fun environment where kids can learn English, whilst playing football. Boomerang Football School aims to provide continuous football training to all age groups. 
Our mission is to bring fun football, in English, all over Hungary. Your children get a double benefit from our training held in English. At this young age take in information like a sponge, and at BFS they will absorb a positive experience. When children are above 14, should they want to pursue a football career, Boomerang Football School will support them in their career. They will have such an advantage, already knowing English and football terminologies, integration into the local team abroad will be so much easier.

Our approach

Boomerang Football School focuses on fun football, providing an opportunity for children to play in a safe and professional environment. We welcome anyone who just wants to kick a ball around! We will help to improve your child’s coordination skills and develop a passion for football. BFS’s approach provides a professional experience in a child’s development, through football. This development can start from as young as 2 years old. In our younger age groups we speak multiple languages in order for the children to better understand the exercises. We ensure an individual approach to each child, and maintain a positive example for children. At BFS we teach important factors of sport, like fair play and good sportsmanship.


At Boomerang Football School we aim to have fun football, whilst speaking English. Children will develop their social and coordination skills at the training. For their development, all kids will have a ball and your children will get a chance to have contact with the ball as often as possible. We hold age-specific training. Firstly, children learn the basics of football, and then they get more familiar with football through fun games. We start with easy exercises, and gradually children will be introduced to more complex exercises. Through this approach, we improve their comprehension using fun games and stories. Our coaches are very active and participate in all the various fun games. This helps the children understand the games better, and it's more fun!


Our partners

Óbudai Szent Péter és Pál Szalézi Általános Iskola és Óvoda