Who can join?

  • Weekend classes focus on children between 2 and 7 years old.

How long is the session?

  • Ball Games for 2-3 y.o. - 35 min
  • Football for 3-4 y.o. - 40 min
  • Football for 5-7 y.o. - 55 min

Does my child have to wait for the next term to begin before he joins?

  • No, just let us know, when and which class you want to join and come along to the next session.
Where are the sessions held?
  • In summer - on Margit Island, in winter - Domus (Budapest, Róbert Károly körút 67, 1134)
What can my child expect in a session?
  • A lot of fun while developing coordination skills through dribbling skills, passing, turning and football matches. 
What will happen if a session is cancelled due to bad weather?
  • Parents will get a notification via Facebook groups 1 hour before training. Any payments made for the session will be offset against the next session
What will happen if a session commences and then has to be stopped due to weather?
  • If the session has run for over 15 mins, then there will not be any make up sessions.
If my child is ill and cannot attend a session?
  • If a medical certificate is provided, fees might be offset in the following training or replacement training will be available at one of our other locations.
What if my child is absent from training?
  • Due to the nature of the business, no reimbursement is available.
How do I arrange for a make up class?
  • You may come and attend a class at any of our other locations to make up for your missed classes. This must be done within 4 weeks of your last attended session.

What should my child bring to the session?
  • Appropriate clothing, closed sport shoes and a water bottle. Please bring spare clothing in case of wet weather conditions, e.g. (extra socks, shoes)

As a parent what can I do during the session?
  • Enjoy the session and have fun, please let the coach lead the session. You are welcome to encourage your child.
How many children in each session?
  • Smaller groups 6-8, medium groups 6-10, older groups 8-14,but we take registrations of up to 15 players as a group.
How do I register for a free trial session or sign up?
  • Please sign up online on the following link or get in touch with us at 
How long before the training should I show at?
  • 10 mins before