Our Address Szentendre - Szoborpark Google maps T: +36-30-468-0007 Register Training Scedule Fridays16:30-17:05 - for 2-3 years olds17:15-18:00 - for 4-5 years olds Check out our timetable REGISTER FOR TRIAL! 2-3 years old Introduction to football. Children learn to listen to the coach and perform simple exercises that gradually become more complex. Your child will learn the basic rules of football, and most importantly acquire them more comfortably by being with other children, and playing with other children prior to kindergarten. At this stage parents are involved, especially in the first few training sessions. This is because it is well known that at this stage of a child’s development ‘detaching’ can be challenging for some children.  Training sessions last 35 minutes. Do you have 35 to 45 minutes to have fun with your kids while they develop coordination skills and learn English, all through playing football?  3-4 years old  In this age group, children will learn to perform more complex exercises. Games are also more challenging, whilst having lots of fun. Our coaches are up to date with the popular current cartoons and animation films, and they will happily play the ‘Mudmonster’ at times, so children will have even more laughter. Children are introduced to playing matches at the end of the session and through this learn the rules of the game.  Training sessions last 40 minutes. Looking to have fun with your children while they learn English, develop co-ordination and make new friends? 4-5 years old Children perform multiple complexity tasks, they  learn to dribble using their left and right foot. They will be able to perform basic dribbling skills. Children will perform exercises where multiple players are active, these games will include passing games. Please don’t forget, this is still an early age of development and the main focus of the kids is still the ball. This development phase is called ‘me and the ball’ , where team play is still not an important role. Parents, please cheer on your child, positive reinforcement is always welcome! Trainings last 45 minutes.As easy as 1, 2, 3! One, your child has fun developing and learning. Two, you cheer and laugh. Three, happy child =  happy parent! My son really enjoyed attending the lessons of Péter. Lessons are fun, easy enough to keep him focused, and scheduled outdoors which is amazing! We can't wait to go again! Barbara Adam’s Mom Would like to recommend this school for the small kids. Peter is a great coach with very professional approach to the kids, experience in work especially with small kids who loose attention very quickly. A lot of fun games on reaction and football technic that change every five ten minutes. My son is hyperactive but he can keep attention during one hour. for rather short period he made great improvements in technics, adores Peter and now miss his football class very much. We wish the Boomerang school all the best and hope them to open soon for their small players. Lilia Nikolay’s Mom Peter is a very experienced coach for young children, with lots of patience. My 2.5 y.o. really enjoys the training sessions, he learns new skills in a fun, relaxed and friendly environment. The sessions help him build social skills, as well as coordination and spatial awareness. Plus it's great to meet and talk to other parents. It's a great activity for everyone! I can't recommend SportsBoomerang enough! Stefanie Zolika’s Mom Our partners